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Music, Movement, and Art

Music and movement education will also be important parts of the curriculum as well as the Arts. They offer children ways to express themselves, their feelings, experiences and ideas.

The most appealing musical element to young children is rhythm, and the natural response to rhythm is physical. Therefore, the body is the child's first instrument through which the rhythms of music are reflected and interpreted. Children in the class are introduced to many songs and dance. Children are also introduced to the instruments of the orchestra and their unique sounds. Music will find its way in all aspects of the classroom – as a subtle background during work time, to signal clean-up time, as an integral part of the cultural curriculum and as a form of celebration and fun.

Creative Art is introduced through a variety of media including painting, drawing, and collage. Special projects coincide with holidays or seasonal events. Art history and appreciation are discussed as relevant to literature and cultural studies. Sensory training in color and design is encouraged using Montessori materials. Art in the primary environment strives to maintain the great joy the child finds in creating something of his or her own.