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The Grove Montessori

My son was in Ms. Mindy's class from 16 months until almost 3. He loved his teachers and his friends and went to school very happily every day. He learned many social and practical skills and the potty training was primarily led by the teachers with us parents following suit! He enjoyed the music/spanish class very much and loved to be a leader to the younger kids. We enjoyed the family nights and the great food that staff prepared, and the administration was very flexible about his end date when we were relocating. Overall, we're happy that we chose the small, family setting of The Grove Montessori for our son where the focus was on Montessori method.

Lincolnshire Montessori

We have had our oldest son at The Grove for the past several years (including summers). He had some earlier difficulties in life that had left him behind for his age from a social aspect. We were nervous at first about how he would adapt. We eagle-eyed it for a few weeks, but we had no reason to worry. The teachers at The Grove have been tremendous with him and we are amazed at how he has matured and grown. He has grown into such a respectful, helpful boy. He loves school, he loves the teachers, and he loves the other kids. We do too, and we've had play dates with quite a few of the kids. It is a great group of kids and families.

Our younger son recently started at The Grove in the infant room. We had been in two other settings until The Grove opened their infant room. We could not wait for them to open up that new room, and have been so happy ever since! The room is spacious and filled with opportunities for him to explore and play. Meanwhile, the teachers teach him sign language and Spanish and have him doing things, such as eating with a fork and drinking out of a cup, that we certainly never would have expected at his age!

Based on experience with another "Montessori" school, I will say that the owner of The Grove and Lincolnshire Montessori Schools, Ms. Mina Dadrass, and the rest of her family which help run the schools are all in this for the right reasons. They do it for the kids. This is not just a business to them; it is a way of life and the best interests of the kids is clearly their passion.

We are very pleased with our choice, and we know that our boys are going to come out of The Grove with tremendous values and skills.

Lincolnshire Montessori

We are truly blessed to have the Lincolnshire Montessori School in our son's life for the last 2 years. This school provides a very caring, structured and stimulating environment, where kids are provided excellent stimuli and encouraged to explore and learn. Miss Mina is a very experienced and able administrator and teacher who cares deeply about her students and invests a lot of time and effort developing each one of them. All the teachers are simply amazing. Our son has grown tremendously over the last couple years. His concentration has increased beyond his age, he is reading way beyond his age of 5 years and he is adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We are extremely happy and grateful and only wish we had started him sooner. This school has far exceeded our expectations. We thank Miss Mina and her staff for a wonderful learning environment for our son and setting him up for a successful future.

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